Safe and Trusted

Using integrated risk management systems in the field and technology


Experienced Team

Funding is supported by good credit scoring and risk mitigation. We have an experienced team in the area of IT and banking field, especially in the micro credit segment


People's Economy Care

Participate in helping the community economy changes by lending business capital to micro entrepreneurs and helping to meet employees' fund needs



Funders will get higher returns than the average conventional banking products. The compensations applied on borrowers are more competitive and the credit structure are trusted.


Coins for Indonesian Children

Every on-time installment payment and exact amount you have given, you will get One Coin for The Country. One Coin for The Country is worth one thousand rupiah and will be distributed to build education in Indonesia

Start Funding with Few Simple Steps

Step Lender
  1. 1
    Sign Up

    Fill in and complete the required data. Once verified, you can fund it at KFUND.

  2. 2
    Select Candidate Borrowers

    Select candidate borrowers according to your preferences. You can choose based on the type of loan.

  3. 3
    Transfer of funds

    Transfer your funds to the KFUND Virtual Account.

As one of the best forms of service from KFUND, you are given access to monitor the performance of the loan you are currently funding through the Lender Dashboard.


Benefits for Lender

KFUND displays profiles of prospective Borrowers based on the grade of the score results and loan analysis of prospective Borrowers, so Lenders can calculate risks before making a decision. Lenders can find out who and what the purpose of the loan is. Installment information is displayed online in the KFUND application. Yields that are already available on installment payments from the Borrower can be withdrawn at any time by the Fund

Call Team KFUND

If you are interested in becoming a lender or needing funds, KFUND is ready to serve you. Immediately contact KFUND


Your funding will give a good impact to increase people's life quality.

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