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Benefits for Borrower


The KFUND'S main target is to facilitate micro entrepreneurs who have not been touched by conventional banking services, this means it opens opportunities for micro and small businesses to get easier and quicker fund access. By providing an excellent loan history at KFUND, we hope that it can be used as a reference for Borrowers in obtaining greater funding from banks or other financial institutions in the future.

Minimum Requirements


Indonesian Citizens


Age 21 to 60 years old


Enterprises / Employees

Apply Loan With Few Simple Steps

  1. 1
    Sign Up

    Download KFUND application from the Google Playstore / App Store

  2. 2
    Apply for loan

    You can complete the registration process, choose a loan and upload the required documents.

  3. 3
    Verification by Officers

    KFUND will verify your loan. If the data and documents have been verified, you will be contacted again for the loan approval.

  1. 4
    Loan Agreement

    If an agreement has been reached between you and KFUND, a loan agreement is made

  2. 5
    Loans Disbursed

    Loan will be disbursed to your bank account.

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KFUND will do the best to provide access fast funding, simple and easy to access.

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